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Explore The Miracles of Noni

Posted by Jutawan Sunday, October 10, 2010

Explore the benefits of


Towards your Health

Noni is a miraculous herbs..

The fruits origin

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is assumed to have originated in Southeast Asia and was distributed throughout the Pacific islands by natural and man-made means. It is believed that approximately 2000 years ago, ancient peoples of French Polynesia brought the noni plant with them as a source of food and medicine when they colonized the islands of the South Pacific. Written documentation about the use of noni as food dates back to the late 1700s when Captain James Cook observed that the fruit was consumed in Tahiti. Subsequent publications indicate that noni fruit was commonly eaten in Fiji, Roratonga, Samoa, Australia, and India.

When it comes to health, choose Noni!

Noni contain essential biological components which help regulate our physical health. It also helps to regulate the blood circulation in the body, lowering the blood sugar level, and increase the body immunization system. The blood circulates better and this increase the oxygen transfer rate to the body organs which cause energy synthesis in biochemical pathways more efficient.


What is Xeronine?

Xeronine is seen as essential for cell functions. Xeronine acts on protein and increases the energy needed for mechanical, chemical and electrical work in each cell. Because of xeronine’s function on proteins it explains why Noni has a wide range of applications in the human body.

Serotonin and Proxeroninase as shown in the diagram are critical part of the Xeronine system. Proxeroninase is a lysozyme enzyme.

By consuming Noni it helps our body normalise the function of damaged and sick cells thereby facilitating their repair by delivering proxeronine, the cells then assemble into the alkaloid Xeronine. Xeronine affects the cells positively making you “feel healthier”. This healing action of Xeronine is an adaptogen, it goes to places in the body where cell function is abnormal or damaged.

They work to maintain, and for the betterment of your health!


Cuba Try Test Ni

Golden Noni (710 ml) RM 68 sahaja! Golden Noni (30ml x 9) RM 30 sahaja! Nona Manja (250ml) RM 38 sahaja! Malaysian Noni (500ml) RM60 sahaja! Silver Noni (250ml) RM 38.00 sahaja!

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